Resultados Glory 8 Japon 3 Mayo

Resultados Glory 8 celebrado hoy 3 Mayo en Japon.


70kg: Hirono Yu def. Danilo Zanolini by majority decision.
85kg semi final: Magnum Sakai def. Toshio Matsumoto by unanimous decision.
85kg semi final: Kengo Shimizu def. Yuki Niimura by unanimous decision.
61kg: Tatsuya Inaishi def. Yuji Takeuchi by split decision.
55kg: Dyki def. Jang Yong Ho by KO in Round 1.
85kg final: Kengo Shimizu def. Magnum Sakai by majority decision.

65kg reserve: Andrej Bruhl def. Yukihiro Komiya by decision.
65kg reserve: Chonlek Super Pro Samui def. Zen Fujita by decision.
65kg quarter final: Mosab Amrani def. Marcus Vinicius by decision.
65kg quarter final: Masaaki Noiri def. Liam Harrison by TKO (Cut) in Round 2.
65kg quarter final: Gabriel Varga def. Abdellah Ezbiri by decision.
65kg quarter final: Yuta Kubo def. Chi Bin Lim by KO (Knee to Body) in Round 2.
70kg: Yoshihiro Sato def. Sung Hyun Lee by decision.
HW: Jerome Le Banner def. Koichi Watanabe by decision.
65kg semi final: Masaaki Noiri def. Mosab Amrani by decision.
65kg semi final: Yuta Kubo def. Gabriel Varga by decision.
70kg: Andy Ristie def. Albert Kraus by KO (Knee) in Round 2.
HW: Peter Aerts def. Jamal Ben Saddik by TKO (3 Knockdowns) in Round 2.




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